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Funeral Directors’ Package

Upright Burials acknowledge that some families require commemorative services and therefore we are happy to work with Funeral Directors to accommodate their wishes for an eco-friendly burial.

Please call 1300 466 860 (which goes to our call centre – please ask to speak to the Manager of Upright Burials) to discuss how we can work together. You can also send a message via our contact form or email office[@]

Package Details:

Upright Burials will discount our fixed price to $3,250 fee, (inc. GST) for funeral directors who meet the following conditions:

  • Must provide full payment by eft upon collection of the deceased by us. A receipt will be issued.
  • Our means of notification is via telephone 1300 466 860 – 24 hours a day.
  • If required, the funeral director will house the deceased prior to collection and will assist in preparing the deceased for transportation.
  • The cost of transfer to our holding facility will be borne by the funeral director.
  • The funeral director must provide Upright Burials with a copy of the medical certificate of death.

The funeral director will be responsible for :

  1. Making arrangements with the family of the deceased.
  2. Media notices.
  3. Application for death certificate.

All our other terms and conditions apply.  We will come to an agreement with the funeral director regarding the date and time of burial.

Upright Burials are responsible for:

  1. Once notified, Upright Burials will arrange for the collection of the deceased and transfer to our holding facility.
  2. We will make all necessary arrangements with the cemetery trust that administer the Kurweeton Road Cemetery and provide them with the required details.
  3. On burial day, we perform the burial in accord with the funeral directors requirements.  Graves are secure in perpetuity.  There can only be one burial per gravesite and plots cannot be reserved, they are allocated by the cemetery trust as required.
  4. All cemetery costs are included in the $3,250 fee, as is the provision of a plaque (containing the deceased’s name and dates of birth and death), which will be affixed to the memorial wall at the cemetery.