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Terms & Conditions

Upon payment of the sum of $2,750 (including gst) and such further sum as is agreed if the deceased is to be collected outside the Melbourne Metropolitan Area, Upright Burials will provide the following service:

  1. Collection and transport of the deceased to the company’s facility
  2. Supply of biodegradable body bag and lowering container
  3. Store in frozen state until interment at a time determined by the company
  4. Transport deceased to Kurweeton Road Cemetery
  5. Arrange for site and pay all cemetery fees to Darlington Cemetery Trust
  6. Bury the deceased into a separate identifiable grave that is 3m deep and 700mm in diameter by removal from transport vehicle through the use of a catafalque, which enables the deceased to be taken to the grave site then gently lowered feet-first to the bottom of the grave, released, and the hole filled in accord with the requirements of the Cemeteries Regulations SR No. 70/2000

I agree to pay or make acceptable arrangements to pay the sum of $3,250 (including gst) before the company has any obligation to perform the services as detailed in this document.

Other Conditions

The deceased will be buried in the clothing they are collected in. The person responsible for the deceased is asked to remove jewellery and other personal items from the body before the time of collection.

The person responsible for the deceased before collection agrees that once the deceased is collected, Upright Burials is solely responsible for the security and delivery of the deceased to Kurweeton Road Cemetery and will therefore not accommodate any requests for further viewing or contact with the body.

Due to the grave being 700mm in diameter, there is a restriction on the size of persons who can be buried. The maximum girth of the deceased must therefore be 1800mm or less. Upright Burials reserves the right to refuse clients if they exceed this size limit.

The next of kin will be notified of the date of burial and exactly where the body is located within Kurweeton Road Cemetery within 7 days of interment.

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If you are unable to complete this registration, please ring 1300 466 860 for assistance.

I acknowledge having read and understood the Terms & Conditions of this contract



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