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Upright Burials Launches first Victorian Business

“Numerous people have expressed interest in using Upright Burials over the years, and we’ve been working diligently to make it a reality. The interest simply reflects that this natural approach to burial has captured people’s imagination, and that for many this type of burial service represents a strong fit with their values,” says Upright Burials’ Managing Director, Tony Dupleix.

One of the major issues in establishing the business was finding an appropriate cemetery in Victoria’s Western Districts. The Kurweeton Road Cemetery is a four hectare public cemetery managed independently by the Darlington Cemetery Trust. “The four hectares is part of a beautiful setting located close to Mt. Elephant. For any person wanting a peaceful, natural setting as their final resting place, Kurweeton Road Cemetery is a superb location,” says Tony.

A unique aspect of the burial process is that each body is buried feet first in an upright position, in a grave that is 700mm in diameter and three metres in depth.

“From the outset, we questioned the need to bury people horizontally and in such a carbon-intensive manner.   An environmentally-friendly burial option that is simple to order and less than half the price of a conventional burial or cremation should have strong appeal for Victorians,” says Tony. “The environmental features of the Upright Burials approach include the use of a biodegradable body bag rather than a coffin, and the Kurweeton Road Cemetery being kept in a natural state without headstones or gardens to maintain.

Further, for every person buried a tree will be planted on nearby Mt. Elephant to offset the relatively minor emissions created in transportation and burial.”

For the benefit of family and friends, coordinates are provided to mark the exact location of the grave site.

Upright Burials has created a simple online process for ordering. Families can go to and follow several straight-forward steps to order and pay online, or pre-arrange a burial.

Collection is on-call 24 hours/day and the price includes pick up from anywhere in the Melbourne Metropolitan Area.

In providing an attractive alternative to conventional funeral and cremation services, the Upright Burials service is distinctive in a number of ways: Environmentally friendly and ecologically sustainable non-energy intensive, the process involves minimal carbon emissions natural setting with no ongoing maintenance takes the pressure off urban land sites Energy used in the collection, storage, and delivery of the body to the cemetery is partially offset via the planting of a tree on Mt. Elephant Simple Online ordering process is easy to understand and straight-forward Phone orders can be taken if required.

Family and friends can spend more time reflecting and supporting each other, rather than be distracted by the complications of a conventional burial minimal decision-making is required: there are no candles, music, grades of coffin, entourages, or other burial paraphernalia to decide on. Truly egalitarian in nature. Economical.

Each individual site is secure forever, with no additional fees payable. For more information, and to hear Tony Dupleix speak in detail about the Upright Burials process, visit